Can You Afford Not to Get Married?

Many people nowadays are in long term relationships but some of them are scared to get married. The reason that they put forward involves the cost of getting married. They do not want to spend on a big ceremony, reception and other costs that people associate with a lavish wedding ceremony.

Marriage (Photo credit: Lel4nd)

However you do not need all of those things to get married. You can have a beautiful, simple ceremony at your own home. Many pastors and other individuals who are qualified to conduct these ceremonies will be willing to lay out the basics of this process if you need more information.

English: Hindu marriage ceremony from a Rajput...
English: Hindu marriage ceremony from a Rajput wedding. ‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬: Rajput-par i ein hinduistisk vigsel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also, it is often cheaper for two to live together in a legal union, than for those two persons to live apart. While there are greater protections now for persons who are cohabiting, it is still risky for people to do that.

In fact, sometimes the people who end up worse off are women or men who thought that marriage was a costly venture. While some worry about failed marriages and claim that people who are poor are more likely to have failed marriages, I think that the success of a marriage, as far as finances are concerned, depends on the attitude that both parties have to spending and working out problems. People who get married and view that marriage as an equal partnership are better able to build wealth over time.

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