How to File for a Canadian Tax Extension or Get Interest or Fees Waived

People who pay taxes on their income in Canada will sometimes find it necessary to apply for a Canadian tax extension. This type of filing may become necessary in different situations. The law of this country allows you to submit the relevant information needed to ensure that you prepare all of your documents and can state your case in certain situations.

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If you live in or outside of Canada, there is no way to get an extension on filing personal income tax returns. If the due date falls on a weekend, everyone automatically gets an extra day or two to file. Otherwise, once you are late, you will be charged interest and a late filing penalty.

There are ways to avoid paying the late fee. This method is easy to apply and helps you get rid of at least one of the charges. Even if you cannot pay the full balance that you owe, you will still avoid the late filing penalty by submitting your documents on time. That’s the way to do it if you are worried about fees and interest.

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If you have lost your job, or are facing other serious situations, Canadian law makes provision for you. There are certain situations in which interest may be waived, for example in cases of financial hardship. If you feel that you qualify, you should make your request after filing to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).