Tax Analyst Salary and Job Description: Is a Career In Finance Right for You?

Tax analyst salary information can help you to determine whether this type of career is right for you. People in this field usually start at a salary of about $40,000 per annum. Senior persons in the field can earn up to $120,000 for the year. Less than 400 people in the United States earn this amount annually.

Professionals in this sector monitor income tax accounts to ensure proper tax accounting and ensure that all returns are completed in a manner that complies with laws in the United States.
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People in this profession have the opportunity to rise to a supervisory level as a senior tax analyst within an organization. In addition to that, they also prepare and review FIN 48 calculations and support and manage R&D credit studies. In some cases, people may be required to have tax experience at an international level.

The +Maersk Group, Pride industries and VACO are some of the companies that pay well for experienced tax analysts.

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